Discomfort from wearing WIGS, HAIR EXTENSIONS, BRAIDS, WEAVES? Our new Patent-Pending, trademarked, WIG-SANI will help relief this discomfort.

It also relieves scalp itch.

Refreshes, styles, sanitizes & cleans your Wigs, Hair Extensions, Braids etc so you never have to shampoo them again.

This product is leave-in (no-rinse).

Use on new and old Wigs. Use prior to wearing wigs/hair extensions, or during, or after.

To stop discomfort from wearing wigs, spray our non-toxic WIG-SANI around your hair line, the back of your neck, behind your ears, and you can comfortable wear your Wigs, Hair extensions etc all day! #chemicalfree #naturalingredients #nontoxic

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